An Update on Our #give100 Campaign

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Contributions to our #give100 campaign will help Fugees double its enrollment in the year to come, a goal that builds on our 15-year track record of advancing educational justice for America’s newcomer students. We’re as committed as ever to that goal and are proud to say that Fugees is on track to expand its nationally recognized English Language Learner program to more cities across the United States. We’ll be sharing more details of that expansion in the months to come.  
As we focus on growing our program and prepare to graduate the Fugees class of 2021, we have decided to pause the #give100 campaign. Although your generosity and that of other loyal donors have helped us raise about 20 percent of our ambitious $100,000 goal, getting to that amount by the end of May—our original target—looks unlikely. Recognizing that reality, we’re going to take some time to regroup, focus on graduation and our middle schoolers rising up celebrations, and devise a new strategy for engaging our supporters in the exciting work we’ll be doing in the years to come. 
In the meantime, we want to assure you that every dollar we raised as part of this campaign so far will go to support that work. And in the spirit of our own growth as an organization, we want to invite you to share your thoughts with us on how we might have run this campaign differently. What resonated with you, what could we have done better, what would move you to share future campaigns with your friends and family—your answers to these questions will help us learn, adapt, and do better next time. That’s our commitment to you, to our students, and to ourselves. 
As always, thank you for being a part of the Fugees Family! 
- Team Fugees