As hard as it can be to understand, these are the lucky ones. They have this safe place to grieve and heal, to grow and learn. But for every lucky refugee from Syria, Afghanistan, or Congo, millions more are waiting in camps for their chance. Sadly, most will never reach a place like Fugees. We’ve been fortunate to be featured in several news stories this year. And while the reporters love to focus on the “feel good” story of our school, once the lights are off and the cameras stop rolling… our work continues. A feature on CNN can’t help Saeed, and a Washington Examiner article won’t pay the bills. We reach our students only through the dedicated giving of our supporters. Have you given your all to support us this year?


In this season of giving, I’m asking you to dig deeply and offer these children the chance to begin repairing the ravages of war.  Will you make an investment into our students that will change the trajectory of not just their lives, but the lives of their families?


We need supporters like you to ensure that our work continues. You have a direct opportunity to help refugee children rebuild their lives, and to send a message that love, compassion, and hope are an enduring part of our community and our nation. Please give generously today. 

What difference can you make?

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