Your School, Our Expertise

Fugees Family offers a full menu of options to organizations looking to more effectively meet the needs of refugee and immigrant families. Based on 15 years’ experience with refugee families in Georgia and Ohio, we offer a unique, culturally relevant approach to the planning, operation, and evaluation of your school’s programming. 

If your answer to any of the following questions is “YES”, contact us to set up an initial consultation:

  • Do you currently serve refugee and immigrant families, and wish you could be more effective?

  • Do you wish to develop more culturally relevant and responsive programming for refugee and immigrant students and their families?

  • Does your staff struggle to connect with or meet the needs of refugee and immigrant students and their families?


Services Offered:

Educational Services Provider: Fugees Family is ready and able to provide Educational Services and School Management for your Refugee and English Language Learner (ELL) populations. Capitalizing on our years of expertise in refugee and ELL education, we can provide a turnkey solution for schools looking to improve services for these populations. 


Charter Schools: Operating Fugees Academy as a standalone charter can be advantageous in many situations. School leaders and teachers are trained in the successful blueprint established by our flagship school in Clarkston, Georgia. Rigorous academic standards are achieved utilizing our tailored, ELL-centric curriculum. 

Professional Development/Technical Assistance:

After an initial consultation, we will build a package to suit your needs. Most packages will include a combination of these programs.

Cultural Awareness Training: Understanding the different cultural backgrounds, norms and practices of refugees and immigrants to provide effective and culturally-appropriate services.

Educational Best Practices: Sharing best practices for designing and implementing successful educational, athletic, and support services for refugee and immigrant students and their families. 

Design Thinking: Creating customized solutions, programming, and resources for your school or organization.


Refugee 101: Understanding the journey of entering the U.S. as a refugee along with the challenges for refugees when resetting in a new country and local community.


Contact Information


Phone: 678.358.0547