Founders Circle

Since 2006, our mission has been the same: Leveling the playing field for young refugees. Through a commitment to education and high expectations both in the classroom and on the pitch, we’ve impacted the lives of hundreds of families in north central Georgia. We are proud of what these Fugees have accomplished, including our 100% graduation and college acceptance rates. With more than a decade of experience behind us we are ready to push to expand our mission nationwide, but we can’t do it alone.

In mid-2018, we began forming our Founders Circle: A group of supporters committed to the expansion of our Fugees Academy model into new parts of the country. With an annual gift of $8,700 for two years, these donors are seeding our first Fugees Academy expansion schools in Columbus and Cleveland. $8,700 represents the cost for one student to attend one of our new schools for one year. 

This is a rare chance to invest directly in opening doors of opportunity for refugee children, breaking the poverty cycle, and providing better lives for them as well as their families. Additionally, continued expansion into new cities and states creates a more stable and sustainable business model for us. Contact us below to get started. 

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Ernest and Kathleen Abrahmson

Matthew and Natalie Bernstein

Robert and SuzannE Boas

Maria and Jason Drattell

Don Dunbar

Alice Franklin

Luma Mufleh and Emily Futransky

Lauren Hertzberg

Kathleen Kennedy

Jacqueline Kroschwitz

Bert and Rhonda Ponder

George Shapiro

Alan Silverstein

Debbe and Patrick Sugrue

David AND ELLEN Williams

Andrew and stephanie dominus

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