Since our founding in 2006, our mission has been the same: Empowering Minds and Rebuilding Lives for young refugees. Through a commitment to education and high expectations, both in the classroom and on the pitch, we’ve impacted the lives of hundreds of refugee families. With humble beginnings as an after-school soccer program, we have grown to encompass multiple campuses in two states. 

Our model is unique: Our students, 100% refugee and ranging from 6th through 12th grade, receive full scholarships to attend our Fugees Academy schools. With the backing of thousands of individuals and businesses our students are given all the tools they need to find success in their new homes, preventing the cycle of poverty from beginning again. 

We invite you to learn more about our school, our founder, and about the many ways you can help support this important work. 

"Don't feel sorry

for refugees,


in them."


"Kids are much more resilient and much more hopeful than adults." 


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through the Apogee Scholarship Program.

"If a kid feels safe

and lovedthat's

what makes a

great school."


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