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Playing soccer is one of the most important things refugee children can do

October, 2019

Becoming an American -- Here's how a community helped this refugee

June, 2019

I Am A Refugee, And I Dream Of A World Without Refugees

June, 2019

Fugees Academy: The School of New Hope

June, 2018

Fugees Family founder Luma Mufleh on breaking barriers, discrimination, and what’s next for her refugee nonprofit

April, 2018

How Soccer Is Changing the Lives of Child Refugees

July, 2017

August, 2014

Woman’s Love of Soccer Gives Big Lift to Refugees

April 26, 2009

Coach Luma Mufleh

April, 2009

Real-life Drama!

June, 2007

Fugees on Firmer Footing

February 4, 2007

A Refuge in Soccer

April 6, 2005

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Diane von Furstenburg’s People’s Voice Award, 2018

Cournelle Award for Social Entrepreneurship2016

CNN Heroes, Top 10 Finalist2016

Common Ground Award, 2010

Smith College Medal, 2010

Arete Honors, 2008

MLK Jr. Service Award, 2008