Worldwide, 70.8 million people have been displaced

by war or conflict.


Of these, more than half are children. 

By joining Team Fugees, your monthly gift will go directly towards changing the lives of young refugees in America. 

What does $15 mean to you each month? Three lattes? A medium pizza? Join #TeamFugees and that $15 can help move mountains. 

Every day, young childhood survivors of war walk through the doors of Fugees Academy schools. To them, Fugees is more than a school: it’s a safe space where they can heal from their past, focus on their present, and build a successful future.


Your support means the world to our students: Knowing that they have an army rooting for them inspires them to push that much harder. Reaching our goal of 10,000 monthly givers would raise our annual budget in full, allowing us to focus completely on educating young refugees in as many communities as possible.

Members of Team Fugees will enjoy regular updates on the work being done in our schools, access to exclusive Fugees Family swag, and quarterly video chats with Coach and the kids. 

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Your gift of $15/month provides a year of school supplies for one class, like pencils and notebooks. 

Your gift of $25/month provides one student's snacks for a year.


Your gift of $50/month provides soccer cleats for an entire team.

These small, monthly gifts are amplified by others on the team, making a real, direct impact in the lives of childhood survivors of war in America by providing access to education, nutrition, and team athletics. 

Today is the day. Join Team Fugees.