Class of 2019 - Self Portraits

Class of 2019 - Self Portraits


"When my stepfather passed away, I was voiceless. Life was just movement and background. Drawing animation saved me during that period of time. I drew, and that made me feel better. I used animations to tell the story of what I’d gone through.”


That's just one of the 12 stories behind our Class of 2019, our largest class yet. Your support has given them more than an education... it's given them a future that many don't have.


Art has the power to give a voice to the voiceless, and these self portraits of all 12 of our seniors are a testament to the struggles they've overcome and the achievements they've accomplished. Help us celebrate our seniors while commemorating your longstanding support with this limited-editionartwork.


We have a limited run of 100 24" by 36" poster prints available for $100 each. These posters are not framed. Optional frames are available for $30.