100% funds scholarships.

Fugees Academy students receive full-tuition scholarships funded by individuals and foundations. These students are dedicated to improving their futures. They are motivated by their past and present experiences, and know that a good education can lead to a better economic situation. Fleeing their homelands and living in refugee camps, our students and their families had to overcome obstacles to survival and safety. For many of our students, circumstances did not allow for formal education to be a priority, or even an option, prior to living in the United States. Now, though, education is the priority. Our students know what poverty is and what the future often holds for people who lack a formal education. They see the hardships their parents go through to make ends meet; the adults that lived through wars and that never had the opportunity to go to school. Our students want to be able to take care of their families and pursue a prosperous career. They want to have options.


The Fugees Academy was started to present refugee students in Clarkston with another option that they could afford. Because Fugees Academy seeks to serve students who would not otherwise have the opportunity to receive the education they deserve, we provide each student with a scholarship that covers everything—academics, athletics, and enrichment programs. The students we attract are one of a kind not because they are low-income though, but because they have the drive to improve their lives in spite of the challenges they continue to face. Those are the students your donation funds; hard-working, resilient students who will no doubt be leaders in their families and communities.