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Dawit, 14, Eritrea

– “The Fugees are like my brothers and sisters because they play with me, they help me, they laugh with me and they hang out with me. They are also like my family because when I got worries I can always talk to them about it and they will make me feel better. I love the Fugees.”


Sylvert, 12, Central African Republic

– “Fugees is the best school. In Fugees we have time to have fun and we have time to be serious. We get to go to field trips and camps. In Spring we go to Camp Twin Lakes. In summer we go to summer camp. When school is over we stay after to do our homework. We play soccer in spring and fall. If any of us got Fs from any class we don’t get to play the game. At the morning we come to work with the teacher to pull our grade up. I like Fugees because it’s fun.”


Thein, 12, Thailand

– “The Fugees is the best team and school I have. We help each other pass class because we want to win the game. Practice is fun because I want to get stronger. I like summer camp. We ride bike to the blue house. Every Friday, we go to a field trip like swimming, movie, and restaurant. I love Fugees because it’s fun to play soccer in Fugees. They teach good.”


Asad, 12, Sudan

– “What I love about the Fugees is that the teachers are nice and helpful. There is no other school in the world like Fugees and they treat us like we are their son and daughter. In the Fugees, there is no violence. The Fugees changed my life very much. In the other school your teachers don’t help you and students fight. Fugees is the best school I have known of. Nobody argue, fight, bully everyone is nice to each other, that’s why I like the Fugees.”


Sut, 13, Burma

– “The Fugees help me learn more English. I also like the game we play for every season. We also have Watermelon Cup where you go and after you finish the game you eat watermelon. When I go to Fugees, I got better grades because I get support from my teacher. Every time we have hard time solving our homework the teachers are available. In the morning and afternoon we were able to ask our teacher for help in their class.”


Arafat, 13, Kenya

– “The things I like about Fugees is that the teacher are always available in the morning and after school. So if you need help you could go and get some help. I also like the soccer games on the weekends. I like the summer camp because you learn new things. I like Fugees because before when I was in Indian Creek I didn’t understand anything and I had bad grades. When I came to Fugees I got good grades and I understood most of the things we learn. The stuff I like about Fugees is the rules because everybody is careful and they follow the rules. But in my old school people don’t follow the rules and they disrespect their teachers.”


Moo Gay, 14, Thailand

– “Fugees is great because there are a lot of fun things and I learn English more quickly because the teachers always help us with our homework. Staying in after school is really good because it gives us more time to think and do our work. I enjoy Fugees because every Saturday we have a soccer game. We can’t speak our language in school because if we speak our language other people can’t understand you so we all speak English at school all the time. Fugees is a great school to learn more English and reading. Fugees school is just like family because we all helping each other and work together.”


Sweet December, 12, Thailand

– “The Fugees mean to me as a family because when I get sad or upset they help me feel happy again. When I don’t know how to do my work they help me to understand it better than before. The best thing about the Fugees is that when someone is happy, sad, or lonely they know how they feel and they feel it too. The Fugees never let their teammates down. That’s whey I love Fugees!”


Senayit, 13, Eritrea

– “The Fugees is like a family to me and I am really happy to be part of the Fugees. I love everything about the Fugees. I also feel proud to be at this school. Everyone at the Fugees Academy is like my sisters and brothers. I thank Coach Luma for this school so much. I care about my other classmates. I love the Fugees.”


Hawraa, 13, Iraq

– “The Fugees means something important to me. The Fugees is a place where I can make friends. In Fugees we get very nice teachers, they teach us in a way that we can understand. After school we get help with our homework. Every week we get two days of practice. In practice we exercise, which is very healthy for our bodies.”


Naw Hsar Paw, 13, Thailand

– “Fugees are like my family because when I need something or help, they do it for me. Fugees are a part of my life because when I’m about to give up, they are always by my side and cheer me up so I don’t give up any more. Fugees are like my friends because when I have no friend, they are always there for me.”


Ma Da Ya Be, 14, Thailand

– “The Fugees is great. It makes me learn more and be a good student. Fugees is healthy because we play soccer and you have to run and practice so when you get older and older you won’t be sick. Fugees make me respect other people and teach me how to be kind to others. Fugees help each other. Fugees is just like a whole big family.”


Dilkhas, 12, Iraq

– “The Fugees is my favorite school so far. They teach me to become a better reader, writer, and to ask more questions. I have made so many new friends that I feel like they are my second family. I really love this school because we become healthier in practice and they have taught me to become a better person.”