Advancing Educational Justice
for English Language Learners

Refugees and immigrants are the fastest growing population in American public schools. In 2016, 35.7% of resettled refugees were younger than 14 years old. 13.9% of them were ages 14-20. That's nearly 50% of an incoming population who rely heavily on the American education system to give them hope of a better life. According to the National Education Association, ELL students will account for a quarter of America’s public school population by 2025. These students are the next generation of the American workforce and they deserve a quality education.

That's why Fugees is on a mission to disrupt education as usual.

Project Teranga—from a Senegalese word meaning hospitality, respect, community, solidarity, and sharing—is a simple and threefold solution to addressing the ELL education crisis: Redesign the schools, Retrain the teachers, and Realign the policies that make up the system. Scaling the Fugees model to newcomer schools across the country presents a clear pathway to educational equity and success nationwide. Read more about Teranga here

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